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TotW: People Not Commonly Thought of as Anarchist

There are some people who have been claimed by my favorite anarchists, but who never called themselves that: Stirner and Nietzsche are two who leap to mind, Foucault's probably in there somewhere.

Ignoring (or not?) the ahistoricity of naming people something they wouldn't have called themselves, who have been your favorite non-anarchist influences, and why? What did they do or make or write or say or show or prove or all of the above that encouraged your anarchist thought and practice? What do you think they would say if they were alive to hear themselves claimed by anarchists (or at least an anarchist)? Would Nietzsche appreciate the love, or be irritated because mostly anarchists are still regrettable in the ways he called out during his life?

Definitely extra black stars for folks introducing new names to us! And for crying out loud, say why and what!