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TOTW: Anarchy and Trauma

TOTW - Anarchy and Trauma

I know that, before I had ever encountered critical discourse or radical politics, before I'd attended my first protest or meeting, before I had debated anyone on political theories either face to face or on the Internet, my first experiences of disenfranchisement towards the state, capitalism, civilisation, etc., and desires to rebel came from direct personal experiences that were mostly, in some way or another, traumatic. The trauma of childhood poverty, of bullying teachers in school, of family members dependent on drugs and alcohol, these all left me with a feeling of "I hate this shit", long before I had read anything on economics or anarchism.

Many of my friends and comrades are survivors of traumas that have inspired their radicalism. Sharing our experiences has often been excellent as a means of strengthening our relationships.

The ways of healing psychological traumas that seem to me most compatible with anarchist practices are:
Soma therapy
Shinrin Yoku

But I want to explore other options as well.

Please share practices that you have explored or are aware of in theory, which fit anarchist values.

[editor's note: Thanks to anonymous for this guest TOTW submission.]