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I'm sorry, Thecollective, but I had a point here... even if short and repulsive I did express a problem the authors here can't honestly avoid.

You deleted my comment where I expressed my drive for going after pretty girls' butts... which is afaik an expression of greed. i.e. to be seeking the gratification of sexual desires or drives with real-life objects or subjectivities treated as objects.

Is sex drive any different than eating or making money?

If there is greed it is due to an appetite being fed, an appeal or desire for something that we seek to gratify... So if all greed is a right, so is capital accumulation, and so is sexual assault. Nothing else than "might makes right" can legimate it.

Are you scared of this "right to greed" to be exposed for the poor, weak morals it carries, that are also totally in good terms with Ayn Rand's ideology?