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Microdosing doesn't dissolve the self anyway.
Lately God has been giving me numerous 50ug.-80ug. "hits", and 2 experiences at 250ug. and 150ug. with no LSD at all.

It is helpful to move from stupid selfishness (greed being one form of it) to intelligent selfishness, which is far more limited/reality based.

Stupid selfishness does not work very well in the not very long run, even for those most "successful" at it. Great Depression 2.0 and Collapse will NOT be success stories (especially among the survivors).

As this intelligence becomes more deeply spiritual, the dualism of selfishness/selflessness drops away. God/Buddha Nature is absolutely selfless (anatman). Ah, but it is selfish to want the unimaginable ecstatic gratitude of being in the presence of this.