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TOTW: Communication

dawgz > society!

Hello. Never before has there been so much communication within the anarchist space, but perhaps, so little [sic]. There are so many podcasts, news sites for specific anarchist locales, video projects hosted outside of YouTube, blogging platforms hosted away from the big sites, and social media links the plenty that lead outside of the new normal, among the plethora, if you're following closely.

Looking back some years, both Indymedia dot org and Infoshop News played a central role in online anarchist conversations. Today, a lot of or perhaps most indymedia projects have died out in most places (but not all) alongside formerly popular anarchist websites like []. ANEWS was created in the shell of Infoshop News, and one aspect that seemed to lead to the downfall of iNews, was a strict comment moderation policy (comments that disagreed with [chuck0] down the memory hole). The comments lead to wonderful springs; welcome to ANEWS today.

Alongside the anonymous ANEWS commentary, over the years other anarchist projects trying to self-host comments like IGD and CrimethInc. have fallen back onto third party hosts like social media, to share commentary, and all things via social media (Facebook and Twitter, mostly) to get around this comment conundrum.

Where is the indymedia project alive? What can anarchists learn from this? Other anarchist media, counter-info projects, please share your successes and failures. How do you share? How are y'all doing in the quarantine? How do anarchists do media right?