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Lots of interesting questions raised by this TOTW. One that's not made explicitly as a question, but strongly implied by the middle paragraphs, is how to do comment moderation?

Let's be clear that allowing and moderating open anonymous commenting, as anews does, is not the easy choice. It means dealing with bucketloads of spam, various kinds of hostility and malice, and basically takes a lot of fucking time.

But it is the right choice. The alternatives, as the TOTW author describes, are fucking awful. Every anarchist website that outsources commenting to companies like Facebook and DDoS protection to companies like CloudFlare should be fucking ashamed and should post one of those oh-so-popular humiliating public apology videos on their Privacy page. "Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa." The anews path here requires lots of DIY spirit -- to me a sign that it's a meaningfully anarchist path.

With that said, DIY also means all of us readers and commenters are part of the process, and I think a thing more of us can try to do is push for good-faith discussions when conflictual conversations emerge. I'm thinking of dot's comment here: . On any other site Sir Eizige probably would have been banned a decade ago for not toeing the line correctly. I'm glad he's here. It means that interesting discussions happen that wouldn't happen anywhere else. How to make them better? (Less name-cally, less angry-keyboard-warrior...)

One final thought: comment threads on news sites are inherently limiting in terms of discussion because they drop down the pages (unlike on forums where new comments bump the threads up) and for design reasons. Are there other kinds of anarchist discussion sites you'd like to see?