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i think moderation should be done by the "community", not by some elite group with the power to control what gets seen. and let me be clear, i am not dissing the collective per se. but there is no question that comments have been removed that never should have been. to me, no comment should ever be removed, that is nothing more than cancel culture.

on my ideal site, every comment could be somehow rated. when a comment reaches some threshold, say 10 negative ratings, it is visually highlighted as such. same idea with positive ratings. detecting multiple ratings from the same anonymous users is a challenge, and it would never be 100%, but it is reasonably doable (i've done it).

it would also be possible for any user to block comments from any other user. which allows each individual to decide who they want to see, rather than that decision being made by the authority. that does raise the question of anonymous vs pseudonymous. i think i have mostly seen here that folks prefer anonymous, which prevents anyone from distinguishing between different voices using the same handle. i personally prefer pseudo, where nobody can be actually identified, but every comment can be distinguished by who posts it.

just some thoughts...