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An update is due, to the whole way of conceiving our relation with communications through the internet, and maybe even our relation to language as a whole. This whole "I think therefore I am" turned into "I speak my thoughts, therefore I am"and the internet equivalent of "I appear, therefor I am". Do we know how to be with each other without speaking? Is "I am, therefore I speak, or therefore I can do any of the things I can do, like be in silence" too far fetched to consider? Do we see ourselves using the internet increasingly and indefinitely?

This always on, 24/7, second by the second news, blurb cycle of twitter. A lot is said to fill in the silence. Because on the internet you don't have presence and relevance unless you're making noise or are visible. Can anarchists be with each other in silence and in darkness?

There are things that can't be shared in these media, due to technical limitations, and due to surveillance and repression, and the consequences of that. What has visibility gotten us? Do we yearn to be used as scapegoats by those who can name us but not even come close to understand us? Conspiracy is at an all time low, posturing is at an all-time high. People who dare to do modest subversive acts of destruction are snitched on by others who post on twitter for clout, or self snitch to reckless clout-seeking or neglectful slip-ups that are all to easy when you have a wide and extensive online presence. (Some aspects of the "online" conversation were previously discussed here

We can't expect crowds to have the technical aptitudes and inclinations needed to migrate to more secure and decentralized autonomous online networked infrastructures, but at the same time those who do shouldn't wait and should be uncompromising in doing so. The less of us get caught and dragged down in this dragnet 2.0, the better, even if most are left behind. Projects to help others migrate are helpful.

This might have been an annoying direction to take conversation, there are other friendlier aspect i could get to in another comment.