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one person's "totally innocuous" is not another person's.
the mods here do not want to be removing comments, it is not our version of a good time, or of a good policy. when we do it, we believe it's to help the conversation overall. obviously people will disagree with us, but that is inevitable no matter what we do.

this isn't about mods doing whatever we want with the site we run, nor is it about being beholden to or reliant on some amorphous group that wants to call itself a community (or, more typically, some rando anon that wants to speak for something called a community).
we are part of a group that is bigger than us, and we are also in a specific role/position. we negotiate those as best we can.
it's good to have the space to remind people about this from time to time, and also to hear comments recommending we use some anon-respecting, vote-enabling, secure and affordable, attractive, easy to install and use and modify software (that totally exists! i've done it!) that would solve all our problems.
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