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"honestly CS, wtf.
people being rude is not authoritarian. people not liking someone is not authoritarian.
your definitions are uselessly broad/vague/idiosyncratic."

so if you didnt notice i never said any if those things, i was only responding to "how do you not degrade something you dont find example?"

easy: its called cunning, lying, deceit, or simply not wanting to respond. I believe i can relate to what 19:17 was saying above, that what is considered trolling is not always so clear...does a pressure to make oneself honest mean they always will be? Do people even always know when they are lying? thats why i agree with the anon above that an "anti troll" policy for any sort of forum is 100% less effective than basing the content on something more or less concrete...

so go on, be rude, troll, whatever you have to do...anon...i guess if your goal is to make me mad then just continue to not understand forever because that will work as i know you are capable of perhaps using ur brain just a wee bit (sorry if that language is strange i am brit ya know)