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Announcing the beginning of the formation of the Anarchism Era Federation

From, Final Version

We will soon form the “Anarchism Era Federation,” and the “Anarchists Union of Afghanistan and Iran” will be merged into it

Member groups of the federation can join from across the globe, and their membership would be based on the geographical area in which they live and are active and not based on their place of birth

It is crucial to remove the geographical and regional identity of the birthplace so the whole world can join the international Anarchism Era federation

The activities of the groups in the federation will not be shunned or rejected based on the specific scope of the regional and political issues. But, each group will deal with the problems according to the geographical conditions in which it currently operates

For example, politically motivated Iranian, Syrian, and Afghan immigrants and exiles can have political activities toward their birth country but in a different category than individuals inside the country

The federation will be formed with global coordination and mutual support in mind. In addition to our belief in the validity of specific and regional struggles, we believe that without deliberate support and global organization, it would not be possible to facilitate and assist the struggles of groups restricted to particular laws and regions

It is noteworthy that the global media networks have always attempted to ignore the activities and protests of anarchists and defenders of freedom, and even block their way. Therefore, one of the goals of this federation will be to increase the media publishing capabilities of anarchists ourselves

This goal can be achieved by creating committees of translators, writers, reporters, journalists, etc. to cover the activities and ideas of the Anarchism Era Federation

In this federation, there will be no sign of geographical specification as it inspires to be an international organization to promote anarchism as a transnational idea in harmony with struggles of various groups across the globe

Groups that oppose governments of any shape and form and seek to overthrow religious and capitalist governments are welcome to join in this federation

We respect gender and sexual minorities and their assemblies and try to establish relationships with them and work together in the federation.
We will fight the perpetrators of any violence against women and LGBTQIA+ people, and we will not beg for freedom. For this reason, we will form strong solidarity and cooperation with anarcho-queers and anarcho-feminists in this struggle

Animal-rights groups, environmentalists, vegan and vegetarian groups opposed to human exploitation and oppression of animals, as well as groups resisting global corporations and their profiteering who seek to abolish or change these conditions, may join the Anarchism Era Federation. So we can make anarchism and a society with no sovereignty and exercise of power a reality together

We are completely against including groups who mix nationalist, pacifist, religious, and capitalist tendencies with anarchism and will not, under any circumstances, cooperate with these four tendencies

Tendencies that are the results of transformation and norm-breaking in religions and yet still rooted in faith are not respected in this federation

No sectarian tendency, which is resulting from reactionary and authoritarian thinking such as statist, religious, capitalist ideologies, can join the Anarchism Era Federation even if it is decorated with anarchist suffixes and prefixes

Further Elaboration

The Anarchists Union of Afghanistan and Iran has not only cooperated with anarchists of Iran and Afghanistan but also collaborated with anarchists comrades of Iraq, Morocco, Lebanon, etc

So a new organization was needed to create new opportunities for work and collaboration with anarchists from all over the world who wish to work with us

We needed a name that could truly define our activities outside of our geographical identity. Because most of our strength is in Iran and then in Afghanistan, many Iranians wanted to cooperate with us, and so they welcomed the federation’s plan and joined it

Although these individuals played a role in the formation of the Anarchism Era Federation, they had no participation in the formation of the Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran in 2018

The Anarchism Era federation will not be made up of different groups, but of separate individuals active in their respective countries.
If the anarchist federation is similar to one of the existing international federations after its formation, the possibility of joining it will be discussed by the members of the Anarchism Era federation

The Anarchism Era federation did not consist of a single anarchist tendency; Rather, it encompasses all anarchist tendencies

But those who want to link nationalism, pacifism, religion, and capitalism to anarchism will have no place in the federation

Footnote: This text is the initial draft of the proposal, which will be translated into Spanish, English, French, German, Arabic, Turkish, Azeri, Pashto, Kurdish, etc. We humbly request to translate this to any other language you can. Those who wish to become a member of the Asr-Anarchism Federation can edit and comment on the original draft and send it to us by 10/06/2020. The final text of this proposal will be published at a later time

It should be noted that the “Beginning of the formation of the Asr-Anarchism Federation” announcement is just the first of the steps. The second step is publishing a political statement or manifesto. In the third step, we deliberate and publish the terms for the internal function and structure of the federation. The fourth step would be issuing a call to join the federation to which the previous three texts are attached. And the final step is the announcement of the official formation of the federation, which may take several weeks

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