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TOTW: The Days Ahead

Yet in some regions it will likely open up possibilities for the spread of civilisations rule. Some lands may remain (relatively) temperate — climatically and socially. As for civilisation, so for anarchy and anarchists — severely challenged, sometimes vanquished; possibilities for liberty and wildness opening up, possibilities for liberty and wildness closing. The unevenness of the present will be made more so. There is no global future. - Desert

Changes in the world and stories about those changes go hand in hand. People identify shifts, assign importance to events, assign roles to participants. Right now we are clearly going through some kind of widespread shift as we live through the contradictions of society’s supposed racial, scientific and technological progress and surely when (or if) the smoke clears many, anarchists included, will be quick to identify the movers and shakers, winners and losers, important and not so important events of the current moment.

While there may be some truth found in these forthcoming assessments, I am not particularly interested in world-scaled explanations for events and changes that ultimately effect us in both large abstract ways and intimate ones. What I am interested in, dearest of readers, are stories of how this current moment, of upheaval, of plague, of depression, has affected your specific locale. Have these events energized anarchism in your town? Changed it? Changed your view of the possible? Is this merely a blip when the boot hovers over our face for a few moments more? Are you merely bracing for a perhaps inevitable wave of repression? Have you found ways to break through the increased isolation of screens? Tell me!