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"protest movements have been essential to creating a nationwide dialogue about state violence and oppression"

Lol, why are they so smarmy?

And they title it "On Facebook Banning Pages that Support".
Are the other pages and people that got banned merely accessories to CrimethInc? I remember recently that there was an article posted on both CrimethInc and It's Going Down and on IGD it said that they both wrote it together, while CrimethInc post didn't acknowledge IGD participation.

Why not title the article something like "The ongoing attack on anarchism as usual"? They always write like they're stepping on shells, avoiding to say they're anarchists or apologizing for it. Come off sounding like "i'm not an anarchist or anything, but this is an attack on free speech! civil liberties and human rights are at risk!"

Funny to read this alongside this article from IGD hand-wringing about the minutia of electoral process not being up to par. So instead of opposing elections and democracy (as governments, as what states can be) they play the role of being preoccupied with fair elections, particularly because they might have a better chance of electing democrats. Sure this is not the whole gist of the article, it's okay to be worried about different scenarios that might play out around and after the elections, and there's some of that in the article, but there's always that appeal and genuflection to wider left, even its moderate segment.