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I think people are taking this in bad faith to some extent - they're not asking to be reinstated, just criticizing the ban. It's perfectly reasonable and justified to condemn the ban and try to blast Facebook for it.

That said, I do find it weird and troubling that It's Going Down and, to a lesser degree, CrimethInc and SubMedia seem to like to play this "We dOn'T pRoMoTe Vye-Oh-Lense" game when they get kicked off of platforms. No, they don't *explicitly* promote it, but it is obviously implied again and again in the language and images. Hell, ITEOTWAWKI absolutely glorified and cartoon-ized violence and repeatedly mocked and criticized people advocating for non-violent protest. Yet here they are on a statement essentially saying "I can't believe you would accuse us of promoting violkence and associate us with a far-right militia" - obviously, revolutionary left politics is and has been extremely violent, and it comes across as disingenuous and 'political,' in the bad sense of the word, to play this kind of bait-and-switch.