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"In Black Marxism, Robinson shows this is by historical design. Black people have been held outside the realm of the State’s formal equality since the inception of capitalism and continue to be so even after the supposed end of chattel slavery."

I'm gonna beat a dead horse and say NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE...this is what happens when people fetishize a certain "peoples" as being the most oppressed. This is easy to say, "black people are oppressed", because they are largely kept out of the savory accumulation of wealth that the-grand-monolithic-whites enjoy. We need to stop fetishizing the oppressed by realizing we are not saviors and we shall not end oppression, because we depend on other people, and possibly the evil oppressors, to some degree.

Ultimately this this something that bothers me to a great end...i think in the US "the native americans" have won the oppression Olympics for sure!! Talking about any "people's" is always grand and monolithic, so caution, even if you can't stfu about race.

This is another reflection of also of the narrative that the whites are supreme, which is another illusion that has been spread by left wing politics. "Supremacy" it's is an illusion, because i do not see masters, i see only slaves

They did hit on something very deep in the last part:

"But the instrumentalization of the riot as a thing that ‘works’ misunderstands the riot. This is projected onto the riot after the fact. It is an attempt to make the riot political. To make it legible to State power.

Though the riot, as expressed by racialized proles, is essentially anti-political. The white racist riot is fascism in its extra-legal street mode (see the Tulsa Race Riot & the Zoot Suit Riots)."

What works doesn't really matter, it's ultimately what benefits you in both the short and long term. Us sadists have also figured out that you have include all of the other living beings, which is difficult, something i will never perfect.