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As anticiv, I kinda connect with this, in how I have a hard time seeing a line of struggle within humans that is worthy risking myself for, as humans tend to be fucked, treacherous, hypocrite beings. And this totally applies to whatever politics you might have around, including the so-called "radical" or "revolutionary" shit.

Who really deserves to be fought for? Those that don't have the means to defend themselves against this oppression. The children, some of the disabled, and of course the non-human animals.

Adult humans tend to be the bottom end product of this alienating system, where they find themselves turned against another, even if on the surface it looks otherwise... Humans by attempting to improve society have created a system where anyone can become a despot and profiteer. Today's Leftists aside of the same school of thought than Camatte, have lost sight of what capitalism really means, in the real world. Some authentic socialists might succeed at changing a few things in the structures they're in, but systemic change is still one big riddle I doubt they've solved.