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Being about "those who need to be helped", because that's much broader than one "race of eternally left behinds". Im one of those people who also cant stand their lack of competence within a system that is bent on destroying all things including me. But since im not an asshole, i dont really want other people to feel sorry for me. Ive grown up with a lot of guilt about my privilege and i tend to find over and over again that that miserable guilt gets me no where. I have to just relax. Over my adult years i have actually pretty hard surrendering my privledge in ways i can still remain a little comfortable.

Ultimately getting on the internet and telling people they're racist without actually pointing out the more nuts and bolts flaws with what theyre saying is just foolish, and resembles hateful trolling. I can see how my post also remembles naz-trolling, but i feel thats ultimately inevitable when expressing opinions about race, the genocide in talking about race are always in the generalities, so how are we going to help people in the hellish situations? I dont know, you tell me.

Just to let you know, just so we can stop beating a dead horse, black people definetly deserve reparations, they are victims of terrible poverty, overall, but i think the choice of how those reparations are administered is a very important one. For example, theres a lot of talk about easy access to universities for black people, but to me universities are the most comically white institutions imaginable. They do not create more skilled skilled people overall, and often play a similar role in perpetuating poverty as the prison system does. It seemed to me universities thought i was a ------ and im totally done with them....