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yet, there is a little truth to this comment, i've repeatedly talked about the flaws in @news comment styles (that's actually the worst element of this site, the adolescent entertainment style) and insistence on not actually fixing the cyber-bullying problem here that i have done a great job at contributing because that's what it seems to be structurally designed for. The "real conversations of the streets", more romanticize of foolish absurdist (my favorite part...honestly!) trolling. Facebook is a gigantic right-wing hate machine, but is it really that different from anarchist news except that it has gestapo-esque cancel culture as well?

I'm going to have press the left hate button one more time: i just read this yahoo news article that left a vignette about how trump supporters basically only like him because he's racist lying antagonist:

I'm just going to say i flirt with the idea that "biden is worse" sometimes only ironically, because i have no idea which one is going to continue this nightmare, all the evidence once again points to trump. You can vote for biden if it makes you feel better, but don't you dare lecture me about since i'm good anarchist i need to hold your hand and go to the voting booth with you. I'm tired of always identifying with what i vote for, because that's the trick.