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You may have no interest in politics, but politics is very interested in you.

The United States is the main problem country of the world.  The U.S. is now well on its way to collapse. There are no tendencies at work in this social order that can avert this. There is exactly one path forward in liberatory terms -- an aggressive class against class, public, widespread, consciously anti-wage-labor mass social movement of the wage-earning class, including enlisted people in the Armed Forces, with an openly stated goal of replacing this historically bankrupt social order with a society worthy of the human beings who live in in -- a free, egalitarian, ecological sane, post-market society, where we will immediately abolish wage labor and all forms of unnecessary toil.  The current unrest has been channeled into a cul-de-sac that conceptualizes our underlying problems in skin color terms. This effectively unites vast numbers of decent people and conventional bourgeois political grifters. 

The demands expressed in the rebellion -- abolition of the cops and prisons, the need to fight against white racism and against white racists, hatred of the comically egregious Donald Trump -- are wholly righteous, and, in a very typically United States of America way they are also completely severed from the underlying historical context that generates the problems. 

The specific kind of racism that prevails in the U.S. was first cooked up in 17th century Virginia by pre-capitalist exploiters and social parasites as a psychological scam for keeping chattel slaves and indentured servants atomized and divided -- and it worked.  It still works now in the context of the laudable unrest we see in the streets today. 'Black Lives Matter' is a brilliant phrase.  It is transparently true -- no one other than the most primordial racist scum can deny this.  It also defines the larger social problem on terms that the reigning social order itself could presumably resolve on the reigning social order's terms and channels energetic discontent away from the class against class action that offers the only potential permanent resolution of the problem.

Anti-black racism is something like a beta strand in the DNA of the United States.  As many people can see the only way to cure this is to abolish the United States -- but this can't be done without toppling and abolishing capitalist social relations in a mass, conscious social movement linked to similar mass proletarian movements everywhere else in the world.  A revolutionary movement that jumps off from the most degraded industrialized society on earth could be much more effective at abolishing capitalism on a global scale than a revolutionary movement in a backwater like Russia was one hundred years ago.

I want authentic communism, too, but your clarion call against the very concept of politics has no practical component -- none that I see here at least.  I see no evidence of a practical, real world pattern of action behind this repudiation of politics.  Now, it's possible that I'm wrong on this, but if that's the case you need to do a better job of calling attention to what this is.  In the glorious words of Comrades Strunk and White (sic!?), prefer the specific to the general.  Proclamations of this sort abound in the U.S. anarchist subculture and are a measure of the fact that what's called anarchism in today's United States exists solely to provide entertainment to its authors and cannot be taken seriously in the larger world around us. I like some of what I read by you -- if I didn't I wouldn't respond at such length -- so hopefully this isn't the case with the rest of what you are about.