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Those who say that books are as dangerous as bombs are either trying to ride the coattails of bomb's cachet, or making a scaremongering accusation, both according to political convenience. Am I saying you shouldn't write books? Am I saying you shouldn't use metaphors to describe your activity of writing books? Definitely not, but let's examine what could be meant by saying this. Why say something resembling "books = attentat" when you could simply say something like "we write of things and we think of attentats as [neat, awe inducing, inspiring, insert adjectives]? And when I ask this, I'm not being prescriptive as to what can be said and how it should be said, I'd just like anyone who says that or thinks that to really examine and clarify what they mean. Is it merely an aesthetic flair? Is there an insecurity that books don't have weight or consequence on their own? If we're talking of "dangerousness", one would be quick to discard the literal interpretation. "Dangerous" books are only so when accompanied by a campaign of proselytism, evangelism, or persecution, or any type of dangerous activity inspired by it. A book by itself rarely poses any risk, specially considering how prone people are to ignore them, and how tame and harmless most books are. Bombs are unequivocally dangerous things. Can booksellers, shopkeepers really, make an act of solidarity without posturing and trying to bask in the spotlight of those who carry out spectacular attacks? They speak of "we believe it is necessary to shed the armed imaginary", as if to say "arsonist, please step down one rung from the ladder, so I can look taller in the picture" but they are clearly preserving it by trying to describe or characterize a completely different sphere of activity with that imaginary, rather than crafting its own. If you're concerned with world building, why photobomb the destroyers of worlds? Labor away, share and enjoy your crafts, which may be beautiful delicate things one may cuddle up and read and fall asleep at ease knowing it won't blow up, valid in its own way. Be humble, you can aid prisoners and express support and solidarity without self-aggrandizing. After all, there is a reason why they're locked up and you can keep supporting them from the outside, and it's not because you're "just as dangerous".