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A Primer on Police Crowd-Control Tactics

These 8 episodes of Immediatism podcast cover an array of topics to help you see crowds and terrain through a policing lens, in order to predict what police behaviors will be. Includes policing analysis of crowds, tactics, formations, and communications, gleaned mainly from a military operations manual, along with other mainstream sources of policing methods. The conclusion includes anarchist applications of this knowledge. The text as a whole provides a line of argument for not operating as a crowd, although one might use a crowd as cover, diversion, etc. From the Tom Nomad book, The Master's Tools: Warfare & Insurgent Possibility, put out by Repartee and available from

1 - A Primer on Police Crowd-Control Tactics and Frameworks (Intro.)
2 - The Array of Forces
3 - Situational Analysis
4 - Crowd Assessment Questions
5 - Terrain Analysis
6 - Tactical Operations
7 - Aspects of Police Formations (& Communication)
8 - Conclusion