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Turin, Italy : Expulsion orders following the latest hearing of the ”Scripta Manent” trial

From Act for Freedom!

Yet another expulsion order from Turin delivered following one of the numerous actions of solidarity with those who struggle and those who are struck by repression.
In particular this order refers to the presence in the bunker court on 11th February in solidarity with those on trial for Scripta Manent; but it should be seen in the whole month of struggle following the arrests in Turin and Trento and the eviction of Asilo.
That day, during a pause in public prosecutor Sparagna’s statement, the 62 people present in court read a communique that said:

‘We are not on trial but this is our history, it is our revolutionary path, and the anarchists on trial today belong precisely to this path. We are all involved and the State’s hangmen cannot define or understand our ideas and lives. Solidarity with anarchist and revolutionary prisoners’.
The document that notifies the expulsion order also says that the same people chanted for about 20 minutes in support of the comrades arrested in the Scripta Manent investigation, those arrested in Turin 4 days earlier and against the eviction of Asilo, and sang insulting chants against the public prosecutor. Then the court was evacuated by antiriot police (not so fast after 20 minutes!) The document also says that there was insult of a judge in charge, interruption of public proceedings, disregard for the orders of Authority and resistance against Public Officials; so all this represented a cause of breach of order and public security.
It also says that the expulsion order is being served because the [persons’] behaviour in question is amenable to the modus operandi of the aggregation [to which they] belong (anarchists) and one person who received the order is also part of the categories under examination (again anarchists, what subtle investigators!); that the person is not engaged in any stable work activity in the municipality of Turin, has no residence or other relevant interests there (but mind your fucking business!) and therefore, all in all, if he comes back to Turin it’s only to recommit his crimes!
Finally it says that there is a great need of rapidity in implementing prohibition to return to Turin, given that the above mentioned anarchist militants’ claims are well-known and are carried out with unpredictable protest mobilizations!!!
We told you what the Police say. What we say is that they are right! We’ll be back! We’ll continue to be unpredictable, to disturb order and arrogant normality, we’ll never stop carrying out efficient and vehement resistance to the blows of repression! We’ll keep doing so in Turin and anywhere else!
In order to know how many expulsion orders were issued and to coordinate for possible future initiatives, we ask those who got the order to write to this address:
Translated by act for freedom now!