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Immediatism Episodes on Nietzsche & Anarchy


Three of these four episodes from Nietzsche & Anarchy, by Shahin (Ardent Press,, express Nietzsche's views on living free, spreading the word through propaganda, and living a projectual life. As an encore, enjoy episode 131, Nietzsche vs Anarchism to see what he had to say about contemporary anarchism as he knew it. This book is divided into two sections, the first focused on Nietzsche's own writings (see episode 128) and the second expounding on Nietzsche's views and bringing in other authors of relevance to our lives (see episodes 129 and 130). Highly readable and enjoyable, at nearly 300 pages, including appendices and extensive endnotes. Recommended! Offer feedback and make requests at

Episode 128 To Live Free
Episode 129 Spreading Anarchy
Episode 130 Projectual Life
Episode 131 Nietzsche vs. Anarchism

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