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RAW also changed my life. I read Illuminatus and Cosmic Trigger along with many of his other books in my 20's. And actually RAW is why I went to my first SF Anarchist bookfair, believe it or not, he was supposed to be there in person, but there was only a video of him, set up on an out of the way table. That was a disappointment but oh well.

The thing Erik Davis mentions about doing a small amount of meditation but that having an out-sized effect on one, that sort of thing happened to me, not with meditation, but by reading RAW. I was steeped in his stuff, but it was all more or less theoretical until I took a martial arts class, and the intensity of the movements over time pushed me through into some very weird head spaces. I agree, the value of these practices is in the losing of one's mind and finding the way back, not in the watered-down, bleached corporate versions as performance enhancing tools.

It is true that RAW reads as outdated nowadays but his ideas of the multiplicity of the world, his way of talking about that, was just the thing I needed in the 80's and 90's. If you want to get a sense of him, there are several videos of him on yt, though the quality of them is not 100%.