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oh we do! I mean, have you even met most hippies? the worst!

funny story: I was sitting in a cute little anarchist workshop, put on by two @s who taught "nonviolent communication" in prisons and I was on the west coast so half of us were looking like we stepped out of a portlandia sketch, the whole 9! It was hippy dip as fuck!

But good too! those folks had some interesting points! Anyway, at the begjnning, there's the painful go-around where you state your intentions and some sweet summer soul is like -

"i just hear a lot of violent words all the time and it's so violent. I just want words to be less violent."

and i started coughing in to my drink and the person teaching is like "ok, that's not what ... we meant at all but that's great!"

so yeah, I don't want to be forced to bully that person with my "violence"! it's like kicking puppies with steel toes!