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onto me, which i don't find fair.

Oh get this: Abuser has subjective meaning to it! So i got that information that Leary was a womanizer from the internet, we don't really have any idea how the guy sexually interacted with women, but to immediately assume that he "abused" them because he had sex with them and perhaps mistreated them in the various ways that people mistreat each other is not always "abuse". Sometimes men will have sex with women and don't want to carry out some sort of prolonged relationship after that, which is detached, aloof, kinda douschey, but not really "abuse".

There was this article i read in some anarchist mag (i think it was fifth estate...) in my book collection where some guy who was previously promiscuous and polyandrous instead decided to embrace more conservation notions of marriage/monogamy because he didn't feel people in our society were mature and thoughtful enough to embrace poly-, maybe you should contemplate that rather than pulling out some third-wave feminist dogshit on someone who had no intention of hurting you.