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Solidarity is not censored, Freedom for Carla!

via contra info, English translation by Anarchist News.

[Italy] Solidarity is not censored, Freedom for Carla!

Translation and image received 09/24/2020

Today news have arrived of the result of Carla's trial carried out behind closed doors last Friday.

The commission has determined for her that the accusation of subversive association fell off, as happened with the comrades arrested by the Scintilla operation (Chispa) in February 2019. Therefore, she denies the alternative measures proposed by the defense and on the other hand, she reiterates the precautionary demands in prison for the other crime for which she is accused: manufacture, possession and transport of explosive material, related to the fire of an automatic teller machine in a Turin Post Office branch, which at that time was dealing with repatriation from the CPRs through its airline Mistral Air.

As usual, to be able to read the reasons for this decision, we'll have to wait a few more weeks. Carla therefore remains in prison. From a phone call with a colleague, we have learned that the news has obviously not surprised or demoralized her and she feels strong and serene. We renew our invitation to write to her and to send her heartwarming solidarity, also in light of the censorship applied to your correspondence, which slows down, more than a bit, relations with the outside world.

Casa Circondariale di Vigevano
Via Gravellona 240,
27029 Vigevano (PV)

For covering expenses that are expected due to Scintilla Operation, the following bank account has been reactivated, it had been used last years and its details are as follows.

IBAN: IT61Y0347501605CC0011856712

ABI: 03475 CAB: 01605 BIC: INGBITD1

Intestado a: Giulia Merlini y Marco Pisano