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Civil or Subversive, now on Immediatism Podcast


To coincide with the London Anarchist Bookfair 2020, Immediatism podcast offers two selections from Civil or Subversive: a Dark Matter Collection, Individualist Writings from the UK. Originally published as Anarchism: Civil or Subversive, this book is available from Ardent Press and The two essays read on Immediatism are the Introduction by Darko Matthers and Subversive Disassociation, by L. Both offer analysis of the difference between left-anarchism, termed civil anarchism -- which is operating within politics -- and subversive anarchism, which is insurrectionary. While specific to events and context of the UK, the subject matter is relatable and important for a general anarchist audience. "...[C]ivil anarchism is not interested in your opinions, only your compliance. When they are not looking away whilst comrades are being imprisoned, they are often helping with the repression, because they despise the idea of being misrepresented in the media and resent the anarchists of praxis for their actions. But the anarchists of praxis represent no one but themselves and their actions belong solely to them, not to the movement." ~L. The book contains sixteen additional high-interest essays.

Introduction to Civil or Subversive: A Dark Matter Collection, Individualist Writings from the UK, by DMP
Subversive Disassociation, by L
Civil or Subversive from
Anarchism: Civil or Subversive pdf

In addition to the upcoming London Anarchist Bookfair 2020, the weekend of 17 October, will be the Manchester Anarchist Bookfair online, the weekend of 28 November.

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