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There are some interesting ideas throughout the walltext of the comments in the thread such as ---- "History becomes an opiate of the masses whenever it is required as a supplementary explanation for conscious action.",,,,,,but it is all the excess bulking with repetitive banal paragraphs such as ----"The unusual social context provided by the 2020 uprisings served not as a source for a wealth of material or as impetus to formal innovation, but rather as an external excuse by which the most hackneyed, repetitious, totally technologized aesthetic mediocrity, inherited from decomposed rural life, gained a new lease on life." ,,,which could have been expressed in a few words ---- " Unemployed rural workers rioting in the city produced a novel alternative perspective on political activism"
And longwinded narratives require a bureaucratic mentality and bourgeois tediousness to be read wholeheartedly.