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I didn't refer to them as a group, and I don't refer to them as a group, I know the history of Antifa being an umbrella organization, or as we think of now Left-Unity between communists socialists anarchists liberals, etc to fight fascism in the streets.... but that is not what happens now, especially in the U.S Antifa circles.

when I say they have always been a theater group, I mean their actions have always been some performative street theater, yelling, signs, silly string, eggs, milkshakes, followed by online propaganda of them winning and how they protect each other... but they only protect each other when there are cameras

Rose City Antifa has the merchandise you can buy on their website, all these Antifa cells have online Twitter accounts, Antifa is NOT a group in the sense it is (should be) apolitical, but as you can see U.S specific Antifa are political, you think these Antifa would be vocally against Fascism from the Left or Right and they are not, or at least publically because they worry about upsetting the liberal optics

when they say Antifa is the amred wing of the Democrats... Antifa acts like it