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This is my interpretation of Stirner's Unique, and how it obliterates class and the elitism of the prodigy and genius identity which is nothing more than privileged obsessive training and repetition. Imagine a world without Mozart, Einstein, Shakespeare and Leonado Da Vinci, yes, quite nice actually without their repetitive narrow obsessive relationships with abstract concepts.
What if any child was taken off its mother at birth, fed by nurses, coached 6 hrs a day from the age of 5 years of age, restricted from mixing with the other poor children beyond the walls, who was nurtured as a freakish product of high society anď spent their life entertaining royalty, and we are meant to marvel at the ingenuity of the child's skills and place them at the top of a hierarchy of children who have by comparison no skiĺl and must be fated to work as dumb laborers producing food for the upper elitists.
So Stirner destroys this fictional narrative of prodigy and genius and replaces it with the uniqueness of EVERY child born, the creative nothing is the potential of 100% children, not a few "prodigies" given concentrated nurturing to create a false concept of innate a priori consciousness.