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Car Arsons Avenging Liebig34

Berlin, Germany: Another Luxury Car Torched

For the eviction balance, another luxury car added
It’s nice to live at the Rummelsburger Bucht, the idyll at the lake is not clouded by the chic condominiums. The annoying camps of the homeless with their tents and makeshift huts are gradually being crammed between fences, dredged away, mobile video masts on the shore keep watch. Sabot Garden also long gone, was there ever anything uncontrollable, uncommercial in the bay?
The rich idiots live happily on the grounds of the former Rummelsburg prison. How exciting it is to stay in the converted cell wings where people were harassed until 1990. If only there wasn’t this stupid eviction course of the Berlin Senate. For months expensive cars have been burning in the city. The senate justified the evictions with the protection of private property. A hollow phrase. Because the protection of the one (Padovicz) is the damage of many other bigwigs.
Because somebody allegedly claimed 34 million damages as retaliation for the eviction of Liebig34, and we don’t know whether that has now been achieved, in the meantime, we set fire to a fat Mercedes sedan in this elitist neighborhood in the early morning of October 17th. Will the electorate be satisfied with the rulers and get used to the fact that the echo of the social war can be felt from above in the villas of the elites? In the monopoly of the rulers, the calculation will be sober: exchange 1 house in the northern neighborhood for 100 burnt-out tin boxes.
For us, it is still a defensive fight that the power can win with its army of mercenaries. But the dissatisfaction will grow and the smell of burnt plastic will spread all over Berlin.
Translated by Infernal Machine Translation Collective

Frankfurt, Germany: 5 Vonovia Cars Destroyed – Long Live Liebig34

In Frankfurt, in the period from August-September, a total of 5 cars of Vonovia’s housing mafia were destroyed in the districts of Rödelheim, Nied, Praunheim, Nordweststadt and Bornheim by some autonomous nocturnal activists in wise foresight of the threatened eviction of Liebig34.
In each case, the tires were slashed, the windows smashed, and the exterior was extensively embellished with paint or lettering.
Our actions are directed against the Vonovia company, which is responsible for repression and gentrification here in Frankfurt and in many other places, and against the pigs in politics, economy and the repressive apparatus, which were responsible for the eviction in Berlin.
Our solidarity and love to all fighting people of the former Liebig34, Rigaer94 and all other occupied houses!
Our hatred of the dirty cops, the state and the capitalists!
Translated by Infernal Machine Translation Collective