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More actions claimed in Indonesia

‘Venganza Unit – IRF’ attacks several vehicles of the security forces – Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

On 29 October, around Yogyakarta, we claim responsibility for destroying private military police cars with rocks and causing a soldier a severe wound to his head.

Against militarism. Against the police.

Solidarity with Monica and Fransisco!

Venganza Unit – International Revolutionary Front

Communique for Destruction of Luxury Cars by ‘Suburbia Fire Cells / FAI’- Sleman, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

Yogyakarta Insurrection Communique 31 October

“Who are you, little girl, dazzling like mystery and wild as instinct?”

I’m anarchy, Emile Armand

We claim the destruction of luxury cars in the Sleman area on 31 October, we are constantly moving and will be a threat, because we are aware that economic inequality under this dominant system is not our will. We realize that no life is worth living as long as authoritarianism chokes us with its brutality. This action is not only about the accumulated disgust and hatred we have against today’s system, the police and whatever the state creates. This action is also an act of solidarity with every combatant on the street. We believe that the destruction of state property will continue, and we will always spread terror.

SOLIDARITY for every anti-authoritarian prisoner at every hotspot, Nothing is more deserving of an acquittal. Not a single friend is left behind.

We are no one, we just want to make it clear that we are angry!

Suburbia Fire Cells / FAI