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"Peak anarchy" of the recent years was around 2008-2012. Some interesting uprisings happened in 2016 and 2020, but let's face it.. they were all about externalities (i.e. politics of resentment) and they allowed the false counterpowers to gain influence. Riots are not anarchy, in themselves. Riots are just riots. They're an outburst, a response. I feel them as stressful events in stressful times. A "social relaxing" is the shorter version of my definition of what anarchy is, in the current world.

One thing you don't want as anarcho: being amalgamated with the liberal Leftists or the more authoritarian Leftists. Which is what happened during the Bush years and the reason why most anarchism during this period SUCKED ASS.

This is why Democrats back in charge is relatively "good" news. Also perhaps it'll be good news for those ***refugee families under ICE custody***, in case you forgot that little detail, just as their children are still being fucking abused by detention goons.

If you want less Antifa big tents, then have less actual neofascist groups doing their strategy of tension, or at least let the to the care of the FBI, while anarchos can concentrate on better things do to.