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Toward an Army of Ghosts on Immediatism Podcast

Tom Nomad would like to see anarchists operate in increasingly illegible ways, whilst conducting real-time analysis about police operations, as explained in this companion volume to The Master's Tools. To challenge the state, anarchists must operate within the gaps in police coverage, with the intention of disrupting policing itself, which is what enacts the state in material reality. Thinking theory itself is action, and has value to the extent that the theorizing we are doing interrupts policing and so disrupts the state.

The text can be experienced as somewhat challenging, especially just hearing it read without a copy of the book at hand. Copies are available at Each episode is prefaced with a reader introduction to frame your listening, including a summary and front-loaded suggestions of what to listen for. Start with the Introduction, Episode 191, and be sure to enjoy the final chapter, Constant Crisis, in which Tom Nomad spells out what he would really like to see insurrectionaries doing, going forward.

Already, this series of 11 episodes on theory has proven to be a favorite of the core regular listeners. Enjoy!
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Intro to Toward an Army of Ghosts: Immanence, Conflict, and Crisis, by Tom Nomad
The Impossibility of Philosophy (book chapter) part 1
Impossibility part 2
Impossibility part 3
Impossibility part 4
Constant Crisis (book chapter) part 1
Crisis part 2
Crisis part 3
Crisis part 4
Crisis part 5
Crisis part 6