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Tedious prefaces avoided, one would hope it would automatically favor of perhaps less predictable responses.
The process to attain a surprising result might be, if not tedious in itself, tedious to discover.
The "new normality", which is brought on by more than just covid (all the consumer tech and desire for control and management was always leading to this) has become a more limited routine that is more tightly circumscribed along the permitted places and behaviors. The constraints on freedom (of movement and otherwise, just a small taste of the hell prisoners have always faced) it shrinks the imagination. A lot of babble with flashy talk has been thrown around, the script is not catching on. People are getting exhausted of constant hysteria and panic media cycles. Only the followers of conspiracy theory can last a bit longer than most running on that fuel, and many from the general population will turn to that.

I wonder if the vaccine will prove to be enough to wash away the mental conditioning that has turned people into these appendages of appliances. The city is like a vending machine that dispenses workers. Will people who take the vaccine immediately coordinate a massive orgy or big dance party since now they are covid-free and covid-proof? Or do they have to remain just as pious and go back to their virtual monastery of private mail-order consumption?

Will there be travel discounts for those with vaccines? Vaccinated only flights? Vaccinated only cruise ships?

Also another question related to anti-vaxxers: Before people were preoccupied about sending their kids to school if other kids weren't vaccinated and many if not all states require vaccines to go to public school and colleges. Now, since most classes are given virtually: Will this encourage more people to go forth with anti-vaxxing (particularly for non-covid vaccines) or will this whole situation make them make the exception for covid?

The few people I've asked so far have told me they will wait a few days or up to a month after someone they know has taken the vaccine, to see how they react. What if the vaccines run out in their area by then? Will they rather risk getting a vaccine first or risk not getting it for a while?

Ultimately, this is all a trap. An overview along these lines ( is taught in many universities introductory social science courses (nothing special, and the conclusion, or lack there of, is specially lacking, pardon my redundancy) but it does point to the logic of management of risks and futures that is not escaped in all these calculations. The definite break that would have to happen now is normally rejected in favor of hedging bets and playing it "safe". Even those who anxiously want to escape the clutches of these logics submit and play the game. Common people think they're playing it smart when they put on their technocrat hats, everyone's a politician, a general, an economist, an epidemiologist, everyone wants to play with populations on a 4-d chessboard. And those who just go along without vicariously enjoying and participating in all of the analysis and prognosis of specialists regurgitated by talking heads on TV or on your favorite alternative lefty mouthpiece, do not break out of it by going with the flow or coasting by.

There are some ideas that everyone has thought, but everyone is too quick to discard. Things repeated ad nauseum but so rarely tried out, everyone dismisses them -as if they were exhausted/spent just because a handful of people do them each decade- while diving head first into the avalanches of repetitions that are their activist routines or even the accepted routines of the new normality. Isn't it the time to really try? To really go out tonight not minding if you'll return, not if the vaccine will be out next week or ever? What are people saving themselves for? What is the future present they want to preserve by continuing as they are? Inertia is GOD.