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Though the practical impacts are tiring and wearying, my views haven't changed very much at all in this time. The only real differences have occurred in my observations. Initially I was intrigued by the panicking of the state machinery, while now I find scope in the broadness of power plays and recuperations, and toward the possible outcomes of what has seemingly become an exceptional sociological experiment. Although like the instigation of this disease's popularity, I consider all these more within the remit of the leviathanic pathogen.

Apart from the innate roots and lived experiences coming from sharing a beautiful planet of wonderful beasties looking to have me for dinner, my particular lack of investment in this particular disease are due to infections and deaths within my locality and circles disclosing no hype. My personal gauge for concern is almost wholly sighted upon intuiting viral loading. My eyes continue to be set far more intently on the brutal, lethal, and distinctly Homo sapiens' indulgences of caging, coercion, exploitation, acquiescence and apathy. So it is, I keep myself fit and tempt fate whenever I can toward more dramatic and novel ways of dying.

Since day one I've regarded the rhetoric of the "science community" as unknowing yet coddling to prevailing political narratives and economy. The method is a wonderful endeavour, however, due to its investments, the acting suffers the uncanny valley. The limits of my investment here extend only as far as prophylaxis. At the moment this magic involves medicinal herbs and a blithe and antagonistic spirit, but might include bromhexine or whatever the fuck if/when those around me clearly begin to ill.

I'm not stoked about the vaccines. I may get the jab (being as it is a whatever the fuck), though I also might not. I currently find little motivation to want the needles. As alluded to above, things will need to change much for the worse to compel me. Much as 1.3 million is a massive, tragic, worlds-lost fuck of a number, I find the current odds of this horse winning only worthy of inconsequential copper shekels. What are the odds on the other "horses"? What are the odds on debilitating fear? What of confidence? What of the fire and flood?!

As things come to pass, I will probably be the proverbial super-spreader. I refuse to let any wanky unknowing distract me. Those who need a hug, a smile, a hand or an ear will find one with me. I'll dance with those who dance. Maybe I'll come to regret these, but I don't think so.