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“I keep myself fit and tempt fate whenever I can toward more dramatic and novel ways of dying.“

Yeah, you can’t die of covid if you die from something else first.

There’s a difference between dying or killing due to negligence, carelessness, incompetence, than doing it very deliberately, meticulously and according to plan, with plenty of ethical considerations and only if risks are acceptable margins.

In our culture, everything is subject to control, uncontrolled and unpredictable variables are undesirable. You have to plan your own death, spontaneous contagion due to bad luck is not a tolerable option, someone must be blamed and punished for negligence.

Cooperation, mutual aid, we keep us safe. For what? For the sake of the economy and the continuation of the new normal? To wait it out for a post-covid “after” in which you will go out and march with a banner without social distancing?

Clearly there are those who claim to “resist” but all they do is merely survive and help others do so within the ever more reduced margins of acceptability, by submitting to humiliating conditions of servitude.

This is not to say that you should stop feeding and caring for yourself and each other, but this is just a very bare and basic need. You could put each person in a bubble in a row like a dairy farm and give them nutrients and inject them with antibiotics and vaccines while they churn out content or productivity. There is no freedom in that, it’s just the bare minimum for survival. If you don’t break the cages it doesn’t matter if you’re well fed, or if a nice young activist brings food to your door and waves from across the street. Prisoners do hunger strikes, because sometimes they are being fed, but they have other needs that merit sacrificing that in order to be met. We don’t have to settle to be herded and farmed and prodded in order to eat and survive. If we stay in the farm, only trying to improve our conditions there, the managers could decide to “cull” our population, just like they’re doing with the mink.

So yeah, nice comment Liminal D; even with covid we can choose which way to go.