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The simple fact is if there is a world of worlds(anarchy and panarchy-freedom and plurality) There will not be mass modern vaccinations though they will still exist for those that want them on varying levels. Mass vaccination only exists because the modern world can control such a huge mass of people.

My view on them is agnostic overall. I think they work but they probably increase epigenetic risk factors toward things like autism and other physio neurological injuries. They probably are tertiary causers of these things and not primary. I myself am on the spectrum and I have nervous ticks that exist to this day. In addition to being vaxed I was also in a certain risk group. 44 year old seeding father 34/35 year old seeded/birthing mother. I suspect the vaccines that I did get may not helped in certain conditions that I have today.

All in all I think there's a place for vaccination even in a post-modern more anarchic context. There needs to be more frank science on what they are and do however. A vaccinated/non-vaccinated study would be very helpful last century. I myself subscribe to Jamie Cunliffes non-germ theory morphostasis hypothesis. It holds that there is no such thing as an immune system but a morphostatic system that operates through commensalization and immunity. If you hold to his hypo then you can conceive of their being such a thing as too much vaccination or vaccine overload. When you combine his theories with Ray Peat's you come to accept that the adaptive immunity theory is wrong(though innate remains correct) The theory of adaptive immunity is basically what drives over vaccination. The process of toxic stress commensalization is something that is novel in nature, qualitative not quantitative. I very much think alopathically engineered commensalization can be a thing but not to the degree that the modern vaccine ideologues think it can where you load people up at birth.

The holistic long term solution is to detoxify and destress the human animal world that drives these diseases to begin with. Non human animal captivity on large industrial levels does not help in inhibiting stress born diseases and likely drives species spillover diseases(I see it as communicative stress and not an exogenous evolutionary agent). Less stressed captivity has to be a goal. If you can do this you can basically sunset the need for vaccines though I think the science should always be used to SOME degree.