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“If you had only known nine months ago what you know now about the state of things, what would you have done differently and what are your predictions for the year to come?
When a coronavirus vaccine is finally released to (or forced upon!?) the general public, will you rush out to get injected with its delicious vaccine goodness or will you antivax like a champ (chump?) and resist, resist, resist!?”

I’m not sure if possible or how it could have been done differently while still maintaining a normal semblance of life, but the cuarentena has been pretty rough, especially lately. Missing friends and family and hanging out with people, while dealing with a shitty ass job, and faltering anarchist space or lack thereof is extremely depressing. Not everywhere has been a party, and even the places that have, what little beauty there to show after. It does help stoke the rage and desire to participate more with anarchist friends and have those difficult conversations and arguments with others who I may not have once been so open with before, like work people and casual friends, although today that leads to more of an argument than not as everyone knows everything, while we live in a fact free world.

When this all started my brother and I called each other up and had somewhat of a panicked conversation because our mom who we love so much lives in a long term care faculty. We didn’t want her getting trapped there, but to be honest couldn’t do much ourselves not having the kind of money one might require to provide for a dear family member who needs help in daily activities. She’s been trapped at the faculty without any family being able to visit for almost the entire pandemic, by herself – other than the workers there who frequently test positive for covid-19, setting back any brief in-person visitation. Life is terrible at moments, but I can only imagine what it must be like for people like my mom who are there, thinking, but in need of care that this life hasn’t allowed one to easily provide for her, similar in ways to our locked up anarchist friends who are also struggling. I hope there is a vaccine so people can connect with their dearly loved ones that they have been separated from, but the whole spectacle of everything certainly makes one doubt because science is capital.
I see, an iceberg
Floating towards me
I swim out to it and lay upon the cold
Drifting off into the darkness