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"... it will be less than a few years ..."

let's say in 2021 things in the "libertarian" country known as the US mostly return to normal, and a lot of the fear of COVID has dissipated. However, everyone will remember, WW2 ended almost a century ago yet the monuments remain of the atrocities. They've preserved poland's Aushwitz yet there's this big conservative and gay-hating movement there. Clearly the attempt to "increase consciousness of struggle" had little effect on the simple minded and afraid.

but whatever, I know that when people use COVID or some other disease as an excuse to abuse or enrage...those people will be standing very close to the fires they started. People can hide, but they can never hide from the things that they do. If this seems like poetic bullshit, let me ask you this: do you envy Donald Trump? I sure as fuck don't! He probably even did himself a world of good by ruining his image with his particularly ignorant and retarded populism...