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in the state where i was helping her at least half the population is strictly anti-abortion.

Fucking libs, taking somebody off heart medication isn't illegal in any state. Why don't you try being sympathetic towards generalization for a change. You could actually say that there are a few states where it is legal, but nah you're just a troll, you have no empathy towards any of the people who you force your borderline ("i have to step on egg shells to be around you") personality on. You sit on your laptop, kick off your shoes, and tell people they are lazy because they didn't research every single word they typed into their dumbox! I'm only sensitive towards the whole "everyone is an evil white supremascists" type thing because it's largely a part of american cultural heritage.

And thanks for teaching me something i already knew! Yes, in the state of my g'mas facility, euthanasia is very illegal.

ughhh...this whole thing of "don't respond to the trolls" oft translates to "never get angry", but bein' dumb and mad feels so good....when i'm dumb n' mad i'm like woah a super troll.