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i actually busted my ass and tormented myself to make her life a little more comfortable even though the rest of my family hated her, people should not judge others on situations they don't understand, its a very low empathy tactic. Just because you realize that other people have a hard time taking care of people who are miserable and physically debilitated is not a justification for you to lash out at other people on the internet.

also, taking care of the elderly can have very complicated dimensions:

-elderly people often cant control their bowel movements. I didnt even try to do this with my grandma cuz she would have said no and i on one level would feel this to be molestation.

-elderly people often cannot do things that younger people can like jump in front of trucks.

-all elderly people have a little bit of brain degeneration

-sometimes elderly people verbally abuse their caretakers

hence, sometimes when helping the elderly it isnt wrong to accept a little professional assistance.

Care to list some things you did for your family recently? No thanks, i have no reason to listen to a sociopath bitch and moan about how terrible their life is.