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I'd be happy to get the vaccine if its a choice, but if compelled... something stubborn in me says to run. cross that bridge when its there.

less a prediction and more a wondering, but i feel that there's never been as sudden and total a divide of society (at least, mine) into completely different realities as coronatimes brought. the media (social included) is caught up in the war of liberal vs conservative OPINIONS about what to do with it all but the debate has pretty much always been from the perspective of middle and upper class social distancers (whether willing or defiant) working and video chatting and coping from home, or going out to Chili's with the boys as a fuck you to the deep state. outside that narrative, amongst my co-workers, my neighbors and the punks and anarchists ive actually been spending time with, the reality's looked different as fuck... more or less, the world as it was, just more desperate and shitty, with fewer options and more dangers (and the occasional motherlode of free government bucks) but nothing like what we see on TV as the new normal. I'm wondering what the culture shock will look like when the socially distanced whether they like it or not and those whose daily lives have made following CDC guidelines impossible meet up face to face again, if ever.