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Are you yourself alive, Jo Jo Rabbit, or are just surviving within a mountain of compromise and accomodation with the techno-industrial society? Do you eat, fuck, shit and dance outside of these enclaves defined and secured by capitalist bureaucrats? No, you do with within walls.

Outside of these walls, life is being killed, not by Covid but by this society you're gladly serving headfirst with your Zoom meetings and your Gates-Fauci cult. I look outside and life is fucking dead. It's just cars, cars, and more cars. This is your "being alive".

Covid actually has a low body count in this huge second wave, lower than during the first wave, regardless of proportions. Why? Because it got mixed up in the stats with lesser-deadly viruses like influenza? Who knows for sure? My friend's son was discarded when the doctor found he just had the seasonal flu... Medical experts don't have a political pressure to honor their Hippocratic Oath these days. Most of those I dealt with are careless privileged fucks who treat people like statistic.

These are the people you trust!? lol