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Meh... Just been listening to Schwab (swab?) himself and he's your typical neoliberal Eurocrat doing his bland PR with updated buzzwords that may make Qanon retards go ape but really serve to reinsure investors that things will be fine as far as they reboot the 'conomy with Zoom n Starlink n shit.

It's an old story that there's no big leap down to Hell for mankind; through these people's controlled 'conomies it's more like a slow cascade down the hill, with back and forths and experiments... Fascists are rather small these days, even if they're still a major problem. The scariest trend is instead all those pretend radicals or progressive trying to make us dive headfirst into the worst proprietary tech out there, starting with our beloved R & Bs. Soft power is more dangerous than hard power! Wake up.