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It’s fangless regardless. It’s basically just saying “armed struggle is a thing“. Breaking news.

Internet age changes very little in terms of trust, people are fickle and have always lied and betrayed as easily as they cooperate, one moment to the next.

What this article kinda hints at, but does not phrase it like this, is that anarchists in USA are a segment of the population that are below the average in terms of gun use and willingness and precedents to shoot guns. Be it nationalists or proletarians of any race, liberals or conservatives, to burn or to defend precincts, cop cars, infrastructure (pipelines, relay antennas) or private property, the thick of the US population outguns anarchists and has tallied more deaths and arsons etc, for better (worse) and for worse.

But it is really almost improper to compare around 3 individuals during a short period of their lives, part-time, with a population of around 328.2 million.

Anarchists are so few that they have to resort to texts and actions from other marginal groups that are still more numerous and powerful than them in other to inflate their stock or ego.