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Collection of essential items for refugees

via Athens Indymedia

Anarchist Collectivity Masovka – Announcement for the collection of the essentials for the insurgent refugees of Lesbos. Sharing goods in Victoria square.

Another announcement of our collectivity was completed with success.

We want to thank all the comrades that corresponded to our invitation, bringing essentials –in our pre-arranged appointment- from their lag for the trapped and insurgent refugees of Mytilene. It is impossible to express our gratitude with just a thankful text but at this point, this is the only way.In the intervening period between our invitation and the collection of the essentials, the events unfolded as far as the refugees were concerned, were rapid. The state under the guise of Covid-19 took care to isolate completely the refugees from the society and not even one from our comrades in Mytilene (the essential would be delivered to our comrades from the conquest of Mpinio), as they themselves informed us, has any kind of access or communication with the refugees. We were informed from the announcement of the assemble of Solidarity With Migrants about the abduction of 14 comrades who shared printed material outside the camps of Shisto, Eleona and Skaramaga.

Not only the “poor-devils” of this world are imprisoned in concentration camps, but they should also be isolated from any communication of the outside world, so as not to know that apart from them there are too many others that fight for their rights. Except human guards, only Non-profitable organizations have access, something that leaves us coldly indifferent. After all, we had made it clear that in any case we are not willing to use such routes as Non-profitable organizations.

Although the needs of refugees remain the same, there is no possibility on our part to send all the essentials that were gathered. Just for this reason, we decided to share the goods to refugees that occasionally stay in the square of Victoria. Saturday 14/11 we did the distribution trying to meet temporary needs of about 80 families.

As a conclusion, we keep in mind the images of solidarity people loaded with bags with things to arrive at the building that our anarchist collectivity is hosted and so we must go on….

Nobody alone towards the state!

Anarchist Collectivity Masovka