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They, consciously or not, picked up on what the fascists did in Italy, minus the strict uniforms... but close. Maybe it was more rooted on the less-contradictory commie expressionism from Germany. Look at all the regalia and imagery during the Civil War... they had CNT-themed armored urban vehicles and using pop radio stations for anarcho-commie propaganda. You couldn't have it closer to a fashion industry.

Of course you had the dadaist and surrealists, more compatible with anarchism, tho beyond a certain bohemian, artsy subculture, I ain't sure they produced anything close to a wider fashion like CNT did. They nowhere politicized art like the forementioned political movements did, beyond serving the sheer purpose of subversion or social critique. The biggest anarcho-artist in Spain imo, Bunuel, had shifting, unclear political positions, as he was always into subversion and parody.

Westwood-McLaren (which can be perhaps reduced to Westwood, for how McLaren was nowhere a talented designer...) just came up with a new, subversive approach to aesthetics, within the same spirit of '68, unlike the CNT "chic". It was mostly aesthetics made for subversion.... before it quickly developed in not just a fashion but more importantly a subculture. As we all know, Punk music wasn't even invented my these punks. There was at least The Stooges and rowdy hippies/metalheads like Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer who around years before. So Sex Pistols was more of a fashion business.

So it was literally the reverse of what fascism started and CNT reproduced. Where the purpose of "fashion" wasn't a tool to uniformalize a social struggle and therefore allow for a massive spreading of revolutionary ideology and values with the aim of making these the new, dominant paradigm; but rather as a rejection of what Andy Robinson refers to as the "Fordist order", and assertion of a fierce, nihilistic neoliberalism up against it.. that just kept rising over the years along with the predominant postmodern, neoliberal (dis)order. Even the recent progressive ID pols are part of it, unconsciously reproducing neoliberal morals and aesthetics with the whole punky-queer hipsterism.

"You're all part of the social order 'til realize you are!"
- me