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that anarchy is slowly dying as aesthetics does not mean that anarchy is utterly at an end. that will be the case only if aesthetic experience remains the sole element for anarchy. everything depends on getting out of aesthetic experience and into anarcho-essence, which means reaching an entirely different "element" for the "becoming" of anarchy.

the question remains: is anarchy still an essential and a necessary way in which that truth happens which is decisive for our insurrectionary existence, or is anarchy this no longer?

the anarcho-insurrectionist wears her boots in the street. only here are they what they are. they are all the more genuinely so, the less the anarcho-insurrectionist at work thinks about the boots, or senses them at all, or is even aware of them.

the anarchist grounds herself on the aesthetic and the aesthetic juts through the anarchist. the anarchist, in resting upon the aesthetic, strives to raise the aesthetic completely into view. as self-opening, the anarchist cannot endure anything closed. the aesthetic, however, as sheltering and concealing, tends always to draw the anarchist into herself and keep it there.

anarchist and aesthetic are essentially different from one another and yet are never separated.... the anarcho-essence of the aesthetic consists in the fighting of the battle between anarchist and aesthetic.

the aesthetic really represents nothing. yet, what is there, with that you are immediately alone, as if on an early winter evening, when the last dumpster fires have burned out, you yourself were heading wearily home from the street with your molotov.